Community Development

South-End NRZ Meetings

  • 2nd Thursdays @ 6 PM

Faith CDC – Educational Empowerment Summit

Parents and Students of Bridgeport, Connecticut public, private and parochial schools, in collaboration with FREEDOM, the Bridgeport Public Schools, City of Bridgeport, Parent/Teacher Collaborative organizations, School System Collective Bargaining Organizations, Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition, Bridgeport Excel, The Interdenominational Alliance of Greater Bridgeport and Vicinity, Bridgeport City-Wide Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Leadership Team, March for Education, Stand-Up, and Students First, in conjunction with Bridgeport’s Elected Municipal and State Delegation, Members of the United States Senate and U.S. House of Representatives and other supporters and participants come together and initiate this annual event, drawing together national, regional and local resources, providing an opportunity for citizen led empowerment through involvement in review, analysis and substantive suggestive input into Educational Systems and processes in Bridgeport, Connecticut and our region and nation.

This event stimulates and facilitates grass roots involvement and empowerment through immediate local access to existing and created national, regional and local resources for education.  Through reviewing and analyzing current outcomes and contrasting them with alternative approaches to various key components and measurements of success in like educational environments, we seek to provide a basis and motivation for greater parent, resident and student participation in the strengthening process for Bridgeport Schools.

Understanding that information can serve to empower and motivate otherwise uninvolved parents, students, residents and stakeholders in our educational process, and that many meaningful improvement and programs are in place right now, we will illuminate ‘best practices’ currently in place in the Bridgeport School System, as well as regionally and nationally.  Realizing that some of these observations will lead to the question, “Why can’t we do that?” we will engage in meaningful analysis and dialogue regarding future plans for the Bridgeport School System and alternative options in moving forward.

Goals for the Summit include, but are not limited to:

  1. Identifying and developing effective channels of information and communication between the myriad individuals and organizations engaged in the education process in Bridgeport.
  2. Affording the opportunity for meaningful dialogue regarding options in moving our school system forward effectively
  3. Strengthening Teachers through appreciating and understanding their impact upon students
  4. Equipping Parents and Students with tools for working with the school system and life systems (i.e. literacy, finance, health, homeownership, etc.)
  5. Clarifying accountability for various key factors in the education process through developing transparency standards and measuring mechanisms
  6. Unpacking and demystifying current school choice options for parents and students and understanding impact and implication of alternative models
  7. Improving Parent-Teacher-Student dialogue
  8. Identify, evaluate and encourage legislative policy and actions that fund, empower and improve educational outcomes.


  • Case Studies
  • Workshops
  • Leadership Roundtable/Dialogue
  • Panel Discussions
  • Open Forum Q & A
  • Video Presentations
  • Educational “Marketplace” Resource Fair
  • Best Practices Demonstrations
  • School Pride Presentations from Students